Next San Diego


Before their first anniversary, Next San Diego, a community created to connect entrepreneurs who are passionate about regenerative business practices, were looking to renew their website so it could be more functional and user-friendly for their current and future members.

Them being a community, the site had to be able to convey their message and values clearly, and be more dynamic while the users navigate intuitively throughout the website.

Our core values


The impact our actions have on the community, economy and environment

Community diversity

Inclusive of all organizations and individuals where everyone has an equal voice


Be of service to others


Trust in abundance and be open


Embedded into our service

Results / Impact

After a few months of continuous work with the client, we achieved a website curated in a way that is consistent with their goals, with clear calls to action and its own identity which reflects the community and its principles through an excellent design and UX / UI experience.

Tools and technology

As for the design process, we used Figma, a tool which allows our team to work collaboratively with our clients by offering an interactive, detailed and real-time view of the design progress.

For the development of this project we used the Wix platform, which is a cloud-based website development system, we chose this tool for its low monthly cost (it does not require hosting or a high initial investment) and the ease of learning.

For all our projects we take into account search engine optimization (SEO), security, performance and loading speed of the web for an optimal user experience.


About Next San Diego

Next San Diego was born with the idea of connecting all the incredible people and organizations that are making a positive systemic change for the world from the city of San Diego, USA, to gradually expand to more places.

Their main internal communication channel is Slack, but they needed to improve external communication to share the impact and reach more people to continue strengthening their community and networking.

Case Studies

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