Whatsapp ChatBot for your Business

It is a robot integrated in a messaging platform that allows to answer any request, inquiry or order immediately and at any time.

Main functions

Send text

Send Links

Make Appointments

Send e-mails

Audios Interpretation

Send images

Connection to Systems

Recognizes text from images

Send Videos

Send Audios

Validate Schedules

Send SMS

escalate to humans.

Send documents

Control center

Monitors real-time queries and makes decisions based on the generated reports.

peak hours

Monitoring of the most requested products

Database of clients served

Human intervention in Chat Center

Sending notifications or promotions

Operational Control

Monitor your customer service, make decisions in real time.

Monitors the SLAs

Supervise your agents

Scale the case for better care

Chat Center

Through the Chat Center customer service agents can answer conversations across all configured networks.

Real-time responses.

Send promotions.

Send, receive images and files.

It makes card payments.


To verify the business on FACEBOOK

You must have the following information at hand:


  • Legal name of business
  • Address
  • Business phone number
  • Business Website
  • Tax ID

In addition, the following digital documentation must be ready:


  • Articles of Incorporation


  • Patent of commerce


  • Company patent


  • Receipt of services


  • Fiscal solvency