Software and app development

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs are a hybrid between a web page and a native mobile application, which allows us to create a web experience that functions with the speed and fluidity of a native application. They can work offline, have a responsive design (it adapts to different screen sizes) and may be launched from the mobile desktop via a shortcut.


React Js

React Js











Custom Software

Fast, high-performing, scalable solutions delivered by a team and building style configured precisely to your product’s needs.

A progressive web app provides an app-like user experience that is low friction and is built using modern web capabilities and hosted on the web.

While they can’t provide the full immersive experience of a native mobile application, they hold the promise of being faster to build and deploy. This tradeoff between native experience and development effort means that there’s a unique opportunity for PWAs to be a viable solution to provide an excellent mobile experience while avoiding the drawbacks of native app development.

Cost & Timeline

  • 4+ people Team (Team Leader + Backend Dev + Frontend Dev + Designer)
  • Funding: generally around a minimum of $10,000. Prices vary depending on the complexity of design and functionality.
  • Effort and Time: 12-52+ weeks (based on scope). This will be your project. That means it’ll be your determination that’ll propel its success.


  • All the idea and process documentation (MVP Scope and Feature Set, Implementation Timeline, User manual, Product Specs).
  • High-Fidelity Designs.
  • All source coding files.
  • Product Launched live.


  • Tailoring functionality and workflow to your specific set of users.
  • Creating beautiful, relatable, and engaging designs.
  • Experienced software team with professional software development practices.

Case Studies

The process

Gathering requirements

Our initial meetings are all about getting our arms around your vision. From there we can plan a roadmap, choose the best technology for the application, establish timelines, and assign the best team members to the project.


We start with sketches that capture your app’s look and feel. With your users’ needs front and center, we design eye-catching, intuitive interfaces that reinforce your brand, build loyalty, and drive growth.


Theory translates into practice when we build the solution and its systems, security protocols, permissions, integrations, and features.

Support and maintenance

Innovation has no finish line. After we deliver the solution, we’re still at your disposal for updates and scheduled maintenance.

Turn your idea into reality