Ideation for Digital Products

Product Ideation & Design

Before writing the first line of code, you need to understand your product idea through a discovery exercise. Only by doing so will you be able to come up with the right features and design components to guarantee your users a powerful experience and, most importantly, how to build them through the correct product management approach.

Discovery phase

The discovery phase of digital products can help you gain important insights into the best way to develop and design your product idea. Additionally, it may also help determine an estimation of what it will cost to build your digital product as you envision it.


Design Phase

Using the best design tools, we build a vision of our customers’ products from low-fidelity to high-fidelity clickable prototypes. During the prototyping stage, we test mockups and improve them in close collaboration with stakeholders to ensure they’re working as expected and delivering the experience our clients’ customers need.

The process


The tasks involved in building your digital product

  • Hight definition Figma Prototype
  • Business model recommendations.
  • The number of hours involved to develop MVP.
  • The cost of moving forward with your project
  • A high-level architecture that will help you understand your system’s requirements.


  • Take a general business idea to ground.
  • Early customer insights.
  • Cost savings because of a well planned project.

Case Studies

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