Join the GiroTeam

If you believe that your talent can contribute to the team, and you are as passionate about our purpose as we are, this is the place for you.

In our office

  • You will work in a relaxed environment.
  • We use tools for agile work.
  • We create our own work culture.
  • We maintain a balance between the work world and the personal world.
  • We work with clients who contribute to a better country.

Skills we value:


With yourself, with the team, with the client, with the environment. We highly value previous social experiences.


Understanding this skill as the ability to solve problems in simple ways and by routes not commonly explored.


Identifying your personal and professional strengths helps you to constantly work on perfecting them.

Enthusiasm for the work.

Proactivity and curiosity to always achieve excellent results. Ability to take ownership of each project and generate the "wow effect" in the client.

Growth mindset.

Know how to receive feedback and learn from each experience, breaking the fear of failure always with a positive attitude.

Previous experience.

Practice always makes perfect, that's why we highly value any previous experience that has added to your knowledge.

Internship Program

If you are a university student looking to improve the impact of social initiatives through what you are good at, you’ve come to the right place.

The program is oriented to students of the careers of:

  Computer Engineering Systems Analysis Graphic Design Communication and Journalism Marketing and Advertising

The Girolabs Internship Program is an opportunity to be part of a real project and add to your professional experience.
It consists of 3 months of work where you have the challenge of being part of a social technology project, which upon completion, will be launched as a tool for social change.