Web development


From startups to small and medium-sized businesses right through to huge brands,  e-commerce has increasingly become a vital component of business strategy.














We have designed a process with an integrated approach, where we maintain a good communication flow between clients, designers, and developers to assure that the website will be delivered on time and in a successful way.

As an important first step, the briefing consists in a series of questions specially curated to provide us key pieces of information we need to jump-start the project.
It gives us clarity on what the expectations are and represents an excellent opportunity to get to the core quickly and effectively.

Case Studies

Why choose us?

Custom content and design

We research, design and build from scratch, so the site is tailored to the exact needs and specifications becoming the perfect tool for our client’s business.

Smoother User Experience

Our team is committed to delivering an online shop where users feel comfortable at the time they make their purchases. One of our big focuses goes on the UX/UI, so the experience reflects the highest quality of the work of our clients. 

Plugins, extensions and integrations

The goal is to make things as easy as possible for both our clients and their customers, and we’ll do it by integrating all of the features they need into the platform such as data migration to multilingual functions and payment integrations.

Optimisation and conversions

E-commerce is one of the best tools a business can have, and we make sure to offer everything that’s needed to boost sales and increase conversions. Not only can the use of SEO lead to more chances of getting found in search engines, but a huge number of tools can also work with the site and we make sure that our clients are updated with the best options available.

Easy to use interface

We teach our clients how to manage their online shop and view built-in analytics. With an excellent back-end experience, the entire process of running an e-commerce website becomes more easy to learn and effective for the long run.

Support and maintenance

While having a Girolabs e-commerce website enables our customers to make a majority of their own updates and modifications, we understand the need to have developers on hand for urgent matters or simple questions on the how-to, that’s why we offer two months of support after the project is complete with our team of professionals.

Keep your customers coming back for more.