Hey, we're Girolabs.

We’re a software development company from Paraguay.
We plan, design and develop software across all platforms.

B corp

We want to make a positive impact and transform digital experiences.

We choose to do it through technology.

We believe in working with purpose

Our contribution becomes real when we amplify the positive impact of organizations and companies with which we work, helping them generate ideas and projects that contribute to a better society for all.

We believe in things well done

We are committed to a chain reaction that begins with us, making all our effort and capabilities available so that at the end of each job, we see projects that make a difference.

We believe in the power of technology

In today's global and fast world, we respond to highly complex technological needs to create innovative solutions for those who dare to move to the next levelwork, let's see projects that make a difference.

Functional values


Our priority is to build trust; this is the context in which we want to work. We believe in the power of good relationships and in the eternal exercise of empathy, enriching ourselves from each bond we generate.


We work hard to deliver on what we commit to. We carry the flag of transparency, seeking to convey the assurance that the team puts all its effort into each project.


We never stop researching and exploring to give our best. Being in constant learning leads us to professionalize, being quality, both tangible and intangible, one of our greatest contributions.

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How we work

We develop projects of high technological complexity

We respond to products that require a technical and innovative look, proposing simple and above all viable solutions. 

We seek to understand the problem

And from that understanding we propose solutions according to the needs identified. We consider these as an important startpoint.

We use the best technological tools

We investigate new trends, choosing the best technologies for each project, which are robust and sustainable over time with modular growth.

We apply agile work methodologies

We are clear on the know-how and the challenges that come with tech projects to make sure that the work we offer is optimal and of high quality. 

Fluency in communication

We created a work process in which we maintain a good communication flow between clients, designers, and developers to assure that the website will be delivered on time and in a successful way. 

We give support until after delivery

Every project is designed to last. We seek that our customers can maintain their own platforms and also provide them with support for future improvements and changes.


Our team

Rodrigo Valdez
Sebastian Valdez
Andres Goyburu
Bettina Olmedo
UI/UX Designer
Camila Figueredo
No Code Developer
Fabrizio Coscia
Full Stack Developer
Angel Alemany
Front-End Developer
Lorenzo Cabrera
Backend Developer
Magali Garcia
Project Manager
Francisco Candia
Full Stack Developer
Alexis Gali
Front-End Developer
Dominique Ballasch